Easy workout?

Here is one to test yourself with.

Pick a number of burpees that you think you can complete in a minute. 20 is alright if you have never tried. Now half that number. Most beginners should try a single number to start with (trust me!).

Now do that many burpees every minute (resting when you are done, for the remainder of the minute) at the top of the minute for 10 minutes (20-30 minutes if you are so inclined).

Most likely you have picked a number that is to high and will not complete every minute without overflowing into the next minute. If this is so, lower the number to a doable one and continue.

Remember, you want a few seconds rest before the next minute starts or you will be doing them non-stop.

Stay healthy

You can be any age, any athletic level, injured, post surgery, diabetic, obese, heart condition and/or healthy already.
Keep moving, contact someone of you don’t know your limitations, WALK, eat less crap, talk to your doctor, laugh! Whatever needs to happen, make it happen and put a plan in place. It is easier than you think!!!
And have a great long weekend!!!
Stay strong Calgary!!!