Blog talk show appearance next week

Hello all,
Would like to invite everyone to join me as I am interviewed by Phoenix for a blog talk radio show.
I will be talking about how to stay fit and healthy while running your own business.
Tuesday June 24 at 7pm.
Here is the link, hope you tune in for a listen!!
Stay strong YYC!!


Stress is a major contributor for many medical conditions: high blood pressure, anxiety, hypertension, depression and obesity to name a few. It has been well proven that both exercise and massage can reduce stress levels.
Exercise: reduces cortisol levels, gives a feeling of accomplishment, increases endorphins (feel good hormones), distraction from stressors. There are about 50 to list, these are just a few.
Massage: calming, reduces muscle tensions, releases endorphins, pain reduction (eventually). Again, to many to list.
The point is, between exercise and massage, stress in manageable! I know everyone is busy, I know everyone has no time and I know that it never seems like a priority.
What has to happen before it becomes a priority?
Take care of yourself and you will be around longer to take care of the ones you love!
Stay strong Calgary!

Corporate Massage Programs

Corporate Massage Programs allow for the convenience of your staff to receive massage treatment right at work.  We bring everything that you would have at a massage clinic right to your office.  Allow your staff the access to highly qualified and Registered Massage Therapists for treatments without wasting time travelling, paying for/finding parking or deciding which therapist is best qualified.  With 16 years in the corporate massage field, fitinyyc will supply you and your staff with the best in the business.

Options for payment of corporate on-site massage:

  • Company pays for the massage as a thank you, incentive or congratulations for yearend/month end or project completion.
  • Company splits the massage with staff for greater return on their benefits program.
  • Staff books their own treatment time and gets reimbursed from their benefits program. (No cost to company).
  • Great around Stampede time as an added incentive for visiting co-workers/associates/guests.
  • Great at Christmas time as an added holiday bonus and thank you.
  • Great in February/March when depression is at a year time high.

We offer 15 minute segments of massage up to and including 90 minute treatments.

Clothes on treatments are standard.  Proper privacy of massage space will enable therapist to perform traditional, oil based treatments.

Receipts are given for reimbursements of funds from extended health or benefits program.

Professional, courteous, timely and easily accessible on-site registered massage therapists to provide you with exceptional massage treatments.