New sugar ‘guidelines’

This article comes from Yoni Freedhoff, MD and his blog post at weighty matters. His insight is always incredible and I love the blogs, thought I would share the latest one about Health Canada’s plan to change how we view sugar on the ingredient labels on food. I Agree, terrible idea!!
Stay strong YYC!!

Workout in the park

With the summer winding down, here is another installment of workout in the park. This can be done at any local park, playground or school. Bring the kids and let them play while you show them that you are taking care of yourself. This will instill great values in them about healthy lifestyle!!
This is an intermediate to advanced program, if you are a beginner, be careful!!
Frequency: you can do this one 3-5 times a week if you like
Intensity: 220-age is top of heart rate intensity. Never go higher than that!!
Time: complete each one for a minute, repeat 3-5 times as level allows.
Type of Exercises:
1. Jumping jacks
2. Squats
3. Crunches
4. Push-ups
5. Step ups (picnic table seat)
6. Walking lunges 1 1/2’s. Step, lunge so back knee touches ground, lift up like you are going to take your next step, as you get to the top of the lunge, stop and bring the knee back to the ground again (like a pump), then take the next step.
7. Mountain climbers
8. Bicycles- lying on your back, hands by ears, touch opposite elbow to knee and alternate.
If you are unsure of ANY of the exercises, google it, there are a million demonstration videos online!!
Have fun and stay strong YYC!!