New Massage Research.

There is some new research for helping people with neck pain solve the “how often” and “how long” questions when booking massages for yourself.
Have a quick read!
Remember, as far as research is concerned, massage is difficult to research because of how many variables are involved.
Take it how you will.
I believe that any research promoting better health and pain free living without medications is a step in the right direction.
Stay strong YYC!!


Stress is a major contributor for many medical conditions: high blood pressure, anxiety, hypertension, depression and obesity to name a few. It has been well proven that both exercise and massage can reduce stress levels.
Exercise: reduces cortisol levels, gives a feeling of accomplishment, increases endorphins (feel good hormones), distraction from stressors. There are about 50 to list, these are just a few.
Massage: calming, reduces muscle tensions, releases endorphins, pain reduction (eventually). Again, to many to list.
The point is, between exercise and massage, stress in manageable! I know everyone is busy, I know everyone has no time and I know that it never seems like a priority.
What has to happen before it becomes a priority?
Take care of yourself and you will be around longer to take care of the ones you love!
Stay strong Calgary!

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a firm massage that breaks up adhesions (knots) in the muscles.  Most common reasons for a deep tissue massage are whiplash, sports injuries, headaches, carpal tunnel, tight neck/shoulders (sitting at computer), sore backs. FitInYYC believes that deep tissue massage should be used as a preventative tool to help heal the body before a serious injury occurs!  Prevention is much less painful that Rehab!

Every massage is tailored to each individual client.  Some like a combination of one or more types of massage incorporated into the same treatment.  Here at FitInYYC, we pride ourselves on being able to provide this service.

Ask about our team rates, we do on-site sports massage for tournaments, games and practices.