Kids and food

This is a great little bit by Yoni Freedhoff. He makes great points and all the sense in the world. Check his website and blog, there are some real gems in there. Thanks Yoni!!
Stay strong YYC!!

Hydration is very important!

With the weather in YYC being hot, humid and smokey these past few days I thought it important to give a reminder on hydration.

Did you know that dehydration is one of the leading causes of muscle cramping?

Keep the fluids up, especially water, and watch the high calorie drinks as well. Although good for long distance athletes, drinks like Gatorade and powerade are full of sugar AND salt!! Watch the intake, it can add up quickly!
Stay hydrated with approximately 2-3 litres of h2o a day. Of course the exact number depends on height, weight and activity level.
Consult an Exercise Physiologist or Registered Dietician for accurate numbers via scientific formulas.
Stay healthy and hydrated…
Stay strong YYC!!

Fruits and veggies are not the same!

A great article taken from weighty matters written by Rob Lazzinnaro, RD. A great comparison of fruits and veggies and how the Canada Food Guide looks at them.
Stay strong YYC!!

Refocus-Calgarians, Stampede is over!

Well, now that stampede is over, Calgarians can get back on track. Revisit a fitness goal you would like to hit by September and put the plan in motion. Let’s make this the healthiest city in the country!!
Here is a basic, no equipment workout to jump start you back into shape.

Do each exercise for one minute (30 sec for beginners)
Do the entire workout through, then start over. Beginners once or twice, intermediates two-three times, advanced 5 times.
Do an ample warmup before you start please!!

1. High knees (running on the spot)
2. Squats
3. Mountain climbers
4. Push-ups
5. Crunches or partial curl ups
6. Lunges
7. Narrow grip push-ups (against a wall if you need to)
8. Jumping jacks

You should always take 5 min to cool down. This allows your body to return to a normal or non-exercising state. A nice light stretch is always a good way to help decrease soreness the next day as well.
Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, temperatures are to stay up there for the next few days!!
Stay strong YYC!!