Cool cover

This has nothing to do with
Exercise or massage but I find it really cool how musicians can do this kind of crossover with a song.
Stay strong YYC!!

Healthy in the fall

Now is the time of year when we feel the colder weather upon us. As animals we have a primal instinct to want to put on an extra layer of insulation for the winter, also known as fat. Personally, I get the urge to eat mayonnaise with almost everything!! Gross right? The best way to combat this natural urge is to just be aware of it, embrace it, and then fight it to the death!!! Knowing why you are craving fatty, unhealthy foods is the first step in battle, and the most important one. Remember all the hard training, lifting, cardio, burpees, mountain climbers and burning lactic acid moments and use it as fuel to not take two steps back.
Remember to stay on track, train hard, eat well and drink that water!!
Stay strong YYC!!

Patience, you must have patience!

This is about the time of year when the newcomers to exercise start to drop off. Most will be upset that they haven’t seen a huge change in weight, measurements or how they are feeling. The truth is, you won’t!! Have some patience! The question I always ask back to my clients is “how long did it take you to gain this weight or how long has it been since you have exercised?” The normal response is usually an eye opener. Remember that exercise isn’t something to fix a problem, it is a preventative tool used to help increase health, vitality and the by-products are weight loss, feeling and looking better, sense of accomplishment and increased self esteem!!
Please relax! These will all come in time!
Make sure…you are on a proper program designed with your needs in mind. Are you doing it on your own? Do you need some help?
Maybe your program is to hard for your level of fitness and you are overtraining!! There are many possibilities.
If you are frustrated, burned out, unsure, upset or on the brink of quitting…please don’t! Find an exercise professional to give you the guidance you need.
Better yet, suck it up and keep moving forward. The results will happen if you are on the right track.
Stay strong YYC!!