Happy holidays/ Merry Christmas

To all who follow, please enjoy the holiday season. If you celebrate Christmas, a very Merry Christmas to you, your entire family and those you hold dear. To all others, please enjoy the season that you may celebrate and stay happy and healthy.
I big thanks to everyone for following!
Stay strong YYC!!

Meal idea

This is a nice and simple meal, easy to prepare and very healthy.
1- Cook the chicken breast in about 1/2 inch of water. When almost done, sprinkle some Montreal steak spice on it.
2- steam some broccoli.
3- boil some brown and wild rice as per package, you can use some low sodium chicken stock for extra flavour.
4- make sure the broccoli is more that each of the other serving sizes.

Enjoy and stay strong yyc!!


Massage and injury

If, or when you injury yourself, ie. falling on ice or snow, remember that a pulled muscle needs time to initialize the healing process and you should let the healing start by leaving them alone for the first 72 hours (approximately). Now, realizing that everyone is different, try to pay attention to how your body heals. Applying ice initially has always helped me in the past. I ice 2-3 times during the first 24 hours if injury. There should be NO massage for the first 2-3 days after a serious injury. This allows the muscle to lay down a matrix and become stable and strong enough to resist the pressure of a treatment. If you get treatment it may be detrimental to the healing process.
Now, new studies are showing that light stretching and even light movement help the muscles to align the fibers in proper direction for increased strength. Keep that in mind, light movement, don’t go to the gym and do a hamstring workout if you blow out a hammie!!!
Consult me if you need further information!!
Stay strong YYC!!

Staying fit in the winter

An idea from the yearly tradition that happens at our home. This will keep you fit and keep the kids active as well. Please remember to have a doctors clearance before you do this!
As seen in the pic, I shovel all of the snow in the yard into a nice big pile. This gives the kids hours of outside fun during the winter months, keeps mom sane and helps meet your requirements for exercise as you will be out there every time it snows to make the pile bigger, better and more fun!!
Stay strong YYC!!