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Massage increases performance.

In the past 18 years of being a sports massage therapist/trainer, I have seen a lot. One of the most profound things I have seen is the increase in athletic performance in ‘athletes’ who receive regular massage treatments. Now, the theory is that massage increases performance by up to 20%. And understand that it is just a theory as doing study’s on massage is extremely difficult with so many variables to consider. But, I have seen it first hand. Along with a decrease in injury time, massage helps to keep muscles functioning properly. Breaking down the ‘injured’ tissue and allowing it to be flushed out for faster recovery time and increased gains in speed, strength, power, agility and flexibility!
Be nice to your body and keep it functioning at a high level.
Massage can be done as often as 2-3 times a week or as little as (depending on your activity level and other factors) once every 4-8 weeks.
Allow yourself to reach the highest potential possible and take care of that exercised/stressed out body with some awesome massage!!
Stay strong YYC!!

V02 max explained

V02 max is:
V- volume
O2- oxygen
max- maximum capacity
a measurement that is used in most sports testing to evaluate an athletes cardiovascular ability. In short it is a combination of how well the respiratory system collects oxygen, how well the circulatory system distributes the oxygen and how well the muscles use the oxygen as fuel.
It can be measured directly or indirectly. It can also be measured maximally or sub-maximally. It can become very complicated to understand but individuals can have their VO2 max estimated by a CEP as stated prior. You can also have a direct, maximal test done if you find a place that is equipped.
Stay strong Calgary!!!

Stay healthy

You can be any age, any athletic level, injured, post surgery, diabetic, obese, heart condition and/or healthy already.
Keep moving, contact someone of you don’t know your limitations, WALK, eat less crap, talk to your doctor, laugh! Whatever needs to happen, make it happen and put a plan in place. It is easier than you think!!!
And have a great long weekend!!!
Stay strong Calgary!!!