Workout in the park

With the summer winding down, here is another installment of workout in the park. This can be done at any local park, playground or school. Bring the kids and let them play while you show them that you are taking care of yourself. This will instill great values in them about healthy lifestyle!!
This is an intermediate to advanced program, if you are a beginner, be careful!!
Frequency: you can do this one 3-5 times a week if you like
Intensity: 220-age is top of heart rate intensity. Never go higher than that!!
Time: complete each one for a minute, repeat 3-5 times as level allows.
Type of Exercises:
1. Jumping jacks
2. Squats
3. Crunches
4. Push-ups
5. Step ups (picnic table seat)
6. Walking lunges 1 1/2’s. Step, lunge so back knee touches ground, lift up like you are going to take your next step, as you get to the top of the lunge, stop and bring the knee back to the ground again (like a pump), then take the next step.
7. Mountain climbers
8. Bicycles- lying on your back, hands by ears, touch opposite elbow to knee and alternate.
If you are unsure of ANY of the exercises, google it, there are a million demonstration videos online!!
Have fun and stay strong YYC!!

Refocus-Calgarians, Stampede is over!

Well, now that stampede is over, Calgarians can get back on track. Revisit a fitness goal you would like to hit by September and put the plan in motion. Let’s make this the healthiest city in the country!!
Here is a basic, no equipment workout to jump start you back into shape.

Do each exercise for one minute (30 sec for beginners)
Do the entire workout through, then start over. Beginners once or twice, intermediates two-three times, advanced 5 times.
Do an ample warmup before you start please!!

1. High knees (running on the spot)
2. Squats
3. Mountain climbers
4. Push-ups
5. Crunches or partial curl ups
6. Lunges
7. Narrow grip push-ups (against a wall if you need to)
8. Jumping jacks

You should always take 5 min to cool down. This allows your body to return to a normal or non-exercising state. A nice light stretch is always a good way to help decrease soreness the next day as well.
Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, temperatures are to stay up there for the next few days!!
Stay strong YYC!!

Strength training principles

A review of the basic principles behind strength training. Now, everyone is going to have a different view on sets, reps, weight and failure. Please understand that these are the principles that have been researched and proven over years of scientific studies and the principles followed by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.
General strength training would be 8-10 reps for 3-9 sets depending on body part. One minute rest between sets and 2 minutes rest between exercises.
Again, these are general guidelines for the layperson. For strength training. Not power, speed or explosiveness. Just strength. Many believe that more sets are better. The key is to know what you are doing first, then experiment safely with new methods or different sets with different exercises. 8-10 reps with wright that you can barely lift for those reps.
Please do not start off with a strength training program if you have not been doing resistance training for at least six months. You increase chance of injury substantially!!
Stay strong YYC!!

Try this workout!

Tired of boring old cardio?
Try this to spice it up a bit without going crazy crossfit on everyone.

Please remember that you should have a fitness assessment and/or doctors permission to exercise safely before embarking on ANY exercise program, regardless of age!!

1. Pick your piece of cardio equipment (treadmill, bike, elliptical, rowing machine…)

2. Warmup 5-10 min at a moderate pace. (Light sweat). This pace will be your resting pace, remember it. (Usually 50 rpm is good, 60-70 if you are fit).

3. These are called intervals. You will increase the tension by 50% and increase the speed by 20 rpm during the work portion of your interval.

4. First interval, increase tension, increase speed and go for 45 seconds.

5. First rest interval, decrease everything back down to warmup pace and ‘rest’ for 30 seconds.

6. Repeat 6-15 times as necessary.

As you get better, you can increase the work interval or decrease the rest interval.

Note: do not increase work and decrease rest at the same time unless this is absolutely easy for you.

Remember: these workouts that I post are fairly generic and are intended for a large, general population. If you are training for something specific your best bet is to seek out professional help to guide you properly. Please remember what your target heart rate is during this workout, you need to know it!! See previous blog for calculations.

Stay strong YYC!!

Beginner workout

Here is a general, full body workout for the exercise beginner. This is intended to be rather easy. Starting on an exercise program should be progressional to limit injuries.
Do each of the following for 15 repetitions. After each, use the bottom stair on your in-home staircase or step at the gym and step up and down for 30 seconds then move to the next exercise. Remember to alternate the lead foot on each new stepping set. Rest as needed and remember that no one should embark on an exercise program without full medical clearance from their doctor!!
1. Bicep curls
2. Lying tricep extensions (skull crushers)
3. Squats
4. Push-ups. (Modify if necessary, ie. on knees, against wall)
5. Bent over row
6. Face up bridge (lying on back, knees bent at 90 degrees, raise hips off of ground and hold as long as possible).
Remember that this is for beginners.
Stay strong Calgary!!

Have fun!!