Shoveling snow and health

I have posted similar information in the past but would like to remind everyone.

In light of the snowfall in Buffalo this past week and the coming storm here in Calgary, PLEASE….Be Careful!! It was reported that 5 out of 7 deaths were due to heart attacks in Buffalo from shoveling snow.

If you have an elder in your family please caution them on the dangers. If you are not physically fit or active daily this can be extremely dangerous. Be safe and be thoughtful. Shovel a neighbours walk or drive, let’s keep YYC friendly and our communities united.

Stay strong YYC!!

Blood pressure and exercise

Getting the blood flowing: exercise and blood pressure

As we all know, exercise provides us with many health benefits. These benefits include physical, physiological, psychological, social, and even environmental aspects. While exercise may make us feel and look better on the outside, important changes take place on the inside as well, which can have significant impacts on our health down the road.
During a single bout of exercise, the demand for blood flow to working muscles is increased. This increased demand is accommodated by the vasodilation (opening) of the blood vessels that directly supply our muscles with blood, oxygen and nutrients. The ability of a person’s blood vessels to dilate is a sign of good vascular health, and can serve to lower blood pressure, by allowing for a greater distribution of blood throughout the body.

Blood pressure is measured internally by specialized organelles located at specific points within the body, called baroreceptors. Baroreceptors are able to signal the body to respond to a high or low blood pressure, with the goal of bringing the blood pressure back within normal ranges. In persons suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure), the baroreceptors are continuously sensing high blood pressure, and become desensitized to it. Therefore, no signal is sent to the rest of the body to correct the high blood pressure.

When persons with hypertension begin exercising, the vasodilation of blood vessels feeding the working muscles is induced, causing a drop in blood pressure. This drop in blood pressure can allow for the “resetting” of the body’s baroreceptors. This means that the baroreceptors will once again be able to sense high blood pressure, and signal the body to correct it. Therefore, hypertensive individuals will greatly benefit from exercise! Exercise can reduce a hypertensive patient’s reliance on medications, and can enhance overall health and longevity, by facilitating a natural decrease in blood pressure. The benefits of exercise extend far beyond strength and endurance; so get active for better health!
Stay strong YYC!!

Exercise and growing a Mo!

​In honour of Movember, the month of moustache growing and mens health awareness, I have decided to focus on the benefits of exercise and how it helps to grow a thick, healthy soup strainer.
​When we exercise, our bodies go through a number of remarkable changes. Everything speeds up and is done with great efficiency.

Our increase in circulation is one of the greatest, most influential changes that happens. The heart increases in beats per minute, helping to get the oxygenated blood to the working muscles and the skin. Transported with that blood are certain neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes and proteins that help to build and repair damaged tissue, a by-product of exercise.

The increased circulation to the skin allows for greater nutrient dense blood to help grow that cookie duster to its full potential. Testosterone is also a large by-product of exercise, especially in men. Testosterone helps in the growing of all things manly; muscles, ego and hair, therefore being a key contributor to having that 1970’s Burt Reynolds special.

Testosterone is also responsible for increasing both bone mass and sex drive.

​In conclusion, exercise can help the body with:

  1. decrease in cardiovascular disease
  2. decrease in unhealthy fat percentages
  3. increase in libido
  4. increase in energy
  5. decrease in chances of dying

But more importantly you can boast that ‘nose neighbor’ all around the office if you head to the gym.
Good luck and stay strong YYC!!


As most of us are aware, November is men’s health month and the tradition of Movember is about to commence. I am a 4 year mo bro. I originally started this when my good friend was diagnosed with cancer and lost his battle very quickly.
All of us have been touched by or heard a story of similar content.
If you can support a mobro this November with a donation that would be great. Many, I am sure, have close friends or family members who are participating. If you do not and would like to contribute to the cause, please feel free to donate to this URL.
Thank you and stay strong YYC!!