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I am a contributing author for a new magazine in Calgary for small business owners. Please have a look at this issue, it is full of great articles to help you with your small business.

Massage increases performance.

In the past 18 years of being a sports massage therapist/trainer, I have seen a lot. One of the most profound things I have seen is the increase in athletic performance in ‘athletes’ who receive regular massage treatments. Now, the theory is that massage increases performance by up to 20%. And understand that it is just a theory as doing study’s on massage is extremely difficult with so many variables to consider. But, I have seen it first hand. Along with a decrease in injury time, massage helps to keep muscles functioning properly. Breaking down the ‘injured’ tissue and allowing it to be flushed out for faster recovery time and increased gains in speed, strength, power, agility and flexibility!
Be nice to your body and keep it functioning at a high level.
Massage can be done as often as 2-3 times a week or as little as (depending on your activity level and other factors) once every 4-8 weeks.
Allow yourself to reach the highest potential possible and take care of that exercised/stressed out body with some awesome massage!!
Stay strong YYC!!

Workout at work

Here is a workout that you can do at lunch with some co-workers, a friend or even your boss!!! Find a park while weather permits, a spare boardroom or even a stairwell and go! Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be a full hour, any 10 minute increments of moderately intense exercise count!!
This one should take between 20-40 minutes. Remember to watch your heart rate and adjust accordingly!! Enjoy!!
Stay strong YYC!!

Do each of the following for 45 seconds to 60 seconds depending on fitness level (90 seconds of you are exceptionally fit). You don’t need any equipment except maybe a mat.
There will be some photos posted on my website real soon for exercise explanations.

1. Step- any step or stair.
2. Squats
3. Jumping jacks
4. Push-ups
5. Front bridge (plank) for max time
6. Good mornings-slowly and with a stable and contracted pelvic floor and core!! (Kegel up and belly button in).
7. Mountain climbers.
8. Crunches.
9. Pull-ups (lying under a bar if possible). If not skip to next exercise.
10. Bicycles.
11. Supermans-holding each for 5 seconds for an entire minute (2 if needed).
Repeat as fitness level allows. Usually 2-3 times will cover your lunch break.
Again, stay strong YYC!!

Beginner workout

Here is a general, full body workout for the exercise beginner. This is intended to be rather easy. Starting on an exercise program should be progressional to limit injuries.
Do each of the following for 15 repetitions. After each, use the bottom stair on your in-home staircase or step at the gym and step up and down for 30 seconds then move to the next exercise. Remember to alternate the lead foot on each new stepping set. Rest as needed and remember that no one should embark on an exercise program without full medical clearance from their doctor!!
1. Bicep curls
2. Lying tricep extensions (skull crushers)
3. Squats
4. Push-ups. (Modify if necessary, ie. on knees, against wall)
5. Bent over row
6. Face up bridge (lying on back, knees bent at 90 degrees, raise hips off of ground and hold as long as possible).
Remember that this is for beginners.
Stay strong Calgary!!

Have fun!!