Kids Massage Program

Children are busier these days than ever before. Schedules run crazy and they tend to get tired, over-trained and eventually, injured.

We are introducing this program to help you and your kid(s) manage injury and injury prevention. Most parents forget that their children are covered under their parent’s extended health care programs and these treatments can be reimbursed.


With every one hour massage booked by an adult, we will give you a ½ hour kid’s massage for a total of $120.

Any additional ½ hour kid’s massages will be $40.


  1. Sleep – massage helps to release endorphins which allow a relaxed body and calm mind leading to a better night’s sleep.
  2. Recovery– massage helps to speed recovery from games, practice and over-training by relaxing and flushing the muscle. Increased circulation removes harmful by-products of muscle contraction.
  3. Attitude– massage has been reported to help balance hormonal levels to maintain a more balanced mind leading to less mood swings.
  4. Performance – massage has been shown to increase athletic performance by up to 20% in all athletes who receive treatment.
  5. Body Awareness – massage helps children to become more aware of sore spots, tightness and injury caused by activity. We also will show some generic stretches for kids to follow up with.