Summer cucumber and tomato salad

Here is a great, easy salad to make for the summertime. Light, refreshing and totally delicious. Slice up a cucumber or two and a few tomatoes. Add some red onion if you have it or regular onion. Add enough oil (I prefer EVOO, sorry, extra virgin olive oil) to coat the veggies, add a splash of white vinegar, some salt and pepper to taste and a healthy sprinkle of dried oregano leaves. You can also add some green or black olives, lettuce, green pepper or any other veggies you like. I prefer the simple cucumber and tomato myself, but here you will also see some excellent high protein beans, for a twist!! Toss and serve chilled. You will also see some sole fish, blanched with some great garlic seasoning. Excellent dish, high protein, good healthy fats, low sodium.