Corporate Programs

Corporate Bootcamps

Bootcamps allow us to customize bootcamp classes based on participants involved.  Whether it be the conditioned athlete or the beginner, we can build a class that works for everyone.

With a combination of both cardiovascular and resistance training exercises we can help maintain an elevated heart rate, building both strength and endurance.  All exercises can be modified to be harder or easier for individuals participating.

Outside, inside, rain, shine these classes can be built for the hard core exercise enthusiast or for the softer, more subtle athlete.  Recovering from injury?  No problem, you can be assured that we will monitor you and change the exercises that you may not be able to perform.

Corporate Fitness Testing

Fitness testing that will give you a baseline in which to move forward from.  Testing includes: weight, body fat %, measurements (6 site), upper body strength testing, lower body strength testing, abdominal strength testing and an estimated V02 max test (cardiovascular testing) for those who have treadmill accessibility.

Corporate Health and Wellness

FitInYYC also offers health and wellness support (classes) to compliment the fitness programs.  Educating staff about nutrition, exercise, ergonomics and lifestyle will help them to reach goals faster and with more confidence.  It will also keep them more productive.  Courses on Nutrition (several available), Injury Prevention, Massage Education, Fitness Follow-up, General Ergonomics and Lifestyle Choices are available.

Corporate Massage Programs

FitInYYC comes to your office to deliver stress relief at the work place.  We offer 10min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min 40 min, 45 min and 60 min options.  Currently all massages take place on a massage table as we believe that lying down disconnects you from the sitting that you do all day and helps you to de-stress. We also offer at-desk massage for the ultra busy worker.

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